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I Grilled a Top Los Angeles Trainer For Her Workout Tips

The holidays have come and gone, and with them, so has my fitness routine (anyone with me?), leaving me in

By Dilan Shields 8 Min Read

Strength Training or Cardio: Which Should You Focus On?

There’s one question that trainers get more often than any other: “Should I be focusing more on strength training or

By Dilan Shields 8 Min Read

6 Easy Exercise Tips From a Fitness Trainer

There are a lot (like, a lot) of fitness myths and exercise tips out there, but perhaps the one that

By Dilan Shields 7 Min Read

How to Create (and Maintain) a Workout Routine You’ll Love

Let’s be honest, when it comes to having real and lasting results with your workout routine, the most important factor

By Dilan Shields 11 Min Read

Weight Training for Women: How to Start a Lifting Routine

Wellness comes in many iterations with endless interpretations, and that makes the possibility of discovering a fitness regimen that works

By Dilan Shields 12 Min Read

The Only Yoga Positions You Need for a Strong Core

As a yoga instructor and fitness fanatic, I know that a strong core is essential for both your exercise routine

By Dilan Shields 5 Min Read

Stretching: The Crucial Thing Missing Your Workout

So you know to prioritize both cardio and strengthening, fit in a walk or yoga flow even when you don’t

By Dilan Shields 9 Min Read

The Sculpt Society’s Megan Roup Shares 2022’s Fitness Trends

Let me introduce you to a fitness icon, wellness expert, founder of The Sculpt Society, and my personal #fitspo: Megan

By Dilan Shields 8 Min Read

Why 2022 Should Be the Year You Start Weight Lifting

Let me tell you my personal story with weightlifting. When I first began as a personal trainer in 2015, I

By Dilan Shields 9 Min Read