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Why It’s OK for Your Parter to Masturbate

Masturbation is one of those topics often shied away from. The act is typically done in private, and it doesn’t

By Dilan Shields 6 Min Read

Is Being a Pillow Princess That Bad?

Some weeks ago, I came across an older article on Cosmopolitan titled 7 Signs You’re a Total “Pillow Princess” in

By Dilan Shields 13 Min Read

9 Period Sex Positions That You Should Try Next

Being on your period isn’t a death sentence to your sex life. Seriously. In fact, there are several period sex

By Dilan Shields 5 Min Read

5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Sexual Confidence

As humans, it’s natural to not feel confident in every single thing that we do in our lives. Between having

By Dilan Shields 9 Min Read

What I Learned About Sex From Movies

One of my favorite lines in cinematic history is in Superbad when Becca says, “I’m so wet,” and Evan responds,

By Dilan Shields 5 Min Read

How To Deal With Sexual Shame, According to Experts

It wasn’t until my mid-to-late-twenties that I realized I was carrying around a significant amount of sexual shame, and how

By Dilan Shields 8 Min Read

Squirting and Other Sex Misconceptions, Debunked

Most of us have been talking (or rather, whispering and giggling) about sex since that first middle school health lecture.

By Dilan Shields 11 Min Read

How to Give (and Recieve) Better Oral Sex

Whether it was Urban Dictionary, a kid in fifth grade recess, or Lil Wayne’s hit single, “Lollipop,” you were probably

By Dilan Shields 8 Min Read

How to Have Good Sex, According to a Sex Therapist

Let’s talk about sex. It’s something we all think about—a lot. In fact, a 2011 study of 283 students showed that

By Dilan Shields 14 Min Read