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What Do Sexual Fantasies About Your Ex Mean?

Believe it or not, fantasies about an ex are actually up there with some of the most common sexual fantasies

By Dilan Shields 6 Min Read

So, You Want to Have a Threesome…

While there are over 100 episodes of Gossip Girl, there is one that has always stuck out to me: the

By Dilan Shields 8 Min Read

The Conversations You Should Be Having About Sex

From entertainment to advertising, we live in a culture where sex infiltrates many aspects of our lives. Although many of

By Dilan Shields 6 Min Read

8 Ways to Finally Get out of That Dry Spell

I can recall a time when I found myself in a season of what I like to call “accidental abstinence.”

By Dilan Shields 6 Min Read

What to Do If Your Partner Doesn’t Go Down On You

About a year ago, I discussed my thoughts on DJ Khaled not going down on his wife. TL;DR (but please,

By Dilan Shields 9 Min Read

How Your Attachment Style May Affect Your Sex Life

Perhaps summer love is in the air—or maybe I’ve just been watching too many reruns of Gossip Girl. Whatever the

By Dilan Shields 12 Min Read

I Got Ghosted After Sex—Does That Mean I’m Bad in Bed?

I mourn for the days when I had never felt the pang of disappointment of getting excited after a first

By Dilan Shields 10 Min Read

How to Make Your Sex Life Better in Your Relationship

Whether it’s the honeymoon phase or you’ve been together for five years, people expect us to all have our sex

By Dilan Shields 5 Min Read

How Can You Fix a ‘Bad Kisser’?

Remember when everyone said we’d remember our first kiss forever? Well, I wish I could forget it. See, I was

By Dilan Shields 7 Min Read