Zhiyun Crane M2S review

Let's take a quick overview:Pros Comfortable to hold and use Lots of

By Dilan Shields 13 Min Read

Streamplify USB mic review

Let's take a quick overview:Pros Affordable price Simple to set up and

By Dilan Shields 11 Min Read

Oral-B Vitality review

Let's take a quick overview:Pros Budget-friendly Brushing timer Grippy handleCons Oscillates only

By Dilan Shields 6 Min Read

Ninebot KickScooter D38E review

Let's take a quick overview:Pros Nippy performance from 350W motor Unique colour

By Dilan Shields 12 Min Read


Why Canva Is My Go-To Hack for Decorating My Home

I love a good home project. On weekends, you can usually find me staring at blank walls around my house and visualizing what I want to put there to fill

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How to Decide on a Wedding Budget That Works for You

As someone who agonizes over decisions big and small, I knew that planning a wedding would

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Wedding Morning Ideas to Try With Your Bridal Party

There’s nothing quite like the day you get married. You’re bound to be a bundle of

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The Best Trader Joe’s Products That Aren’t Food

My love for Trader Joe’s knows no bounds. The fun and affordable grocery finds that line

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Is a Pre-Workout Supplement Necessary?

So the last thing you want to do after a long day is work out. The supplement industry knows that.

By Dilan Shields 9 Min Read

A Personal Trainer’s Tips For Getting The Most from Your Workouts

I’m pretty good at fitting a workout into my routine. Whether it’s 10 minutes of pilates on my lunch break or a

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The Only Yoga Positions You Need for a Strong Core

As a yoga instructor and fitness fanatic, I know that a strong core is essential for both your exercise routine

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Tabata: The 4-Minute Workout That Everyone Should Do

Bored of your regular fitness routine or sick of hearing yourself explain that you don’t have time for a workout?

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9 Period Sex Positions That You Should Try Next

Being on your period isn’t a death sentence to your sex life. Seriously. In fact, there are several period sex

5 Min Read

50 Quick and Easy Sex Tips For The Best Sex of Your Life

Saying I’m a sex writer has become a bit of a pickup line I use. What can I say? It

8 Min Read

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Financial Literacy Tips That Work With Any Budget

When’s the last time you took inventory of your finances—not a quick glance at your bank account balance but an

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Sex 101: How to Start Role-Playing With Your Partner

Undeniably, one of the best sex scenes in movie history is The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. Are you kidding me?

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Breville Barista Max review

Let's take a quick overview:Pros Price Convenience Solid buildCons Negligible for this price pointOur VerdictWith a steam wand and an

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Easy Dinner Recipes For When You Don’t Want To Cook

No matter what I do or where I am in my life, it’s absolutely inevitable that a couple of times

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6 Ways to Feel More Toned By Tomorrow

As a holistic health coach, one of the questions (and text messages) I get most often is along the lines

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How to Keep Your Sex Life Spicy While Social Distancing

There are two types of people in self-isolation: those who aren’t thinking about sex at all and those who can’t

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7 Tech Hacks to Help You Find Work-Life Balance

When it comes to work, technology can make or break you. While it’s made our work more efficient, it also

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