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Should You Consider Closing a Credit Card?

Credit card debt happens, and if you have some, you probably don’t feel great about having it, which is why

By Dilan Shields 7 Min Read

I Tried 5 Different Budgeting Apps, Here’s How They Ranked

We’ve all been told that setting, tracking, and maintaining a monthly budget is critical to financial literacy and independence, but

By Dilan Shields 9 Min Read

Time Blocking: The Productivity Method Successful Women Swear By

At the end of 2021, I knew it was time for me to make a change. As an entrepreneur, I

By Dilan Shields 10 Min Read

Tax Tips You Need if You Messed Up Your Taxes This Year

Very few things are certain in life, but taxes are one of them. Dealing with tax season alone can cause

By Dilan Shields 18 Min Read

25 Money Questions You Need to Ask Your Partner

I get it: money is possibly the least sexy thing to talk about. You’d much rather discuss the latest episode

By Dilan Shields 6 Min Read

10 Ways To Reinvigorate Your Work-Life Balance

When it comes to maximizing our productivity, showing up as our best selves, and crushing our career goals, we’re willing

By Dilan Shields 13 Min Read

The Best Money Hack My Mother Taught Me

I have seen study after study back up the importance of talking to kids about money. It’s not all that

By Dilan Shields 7 Min Read

5 In-Demand Career Skills to Grow Your Career This Year

You’ve heard this familiar career advice: Network your butt off and volunteer for new projects. As helpful as both actions

By Dilan Shields 8 Min Read

5 Expert-Backed Productivity Tips We Swear By

If you clicked on this article because you were you thinking, “I’ve been lazy, I haven’t gotten enough done recently,

By Dilan Shields 9 Min Read